Edam cheese vats plus new RO plant

Successful delivery of multimould Edam cheese vats plus new RO plant

Royal A-Ware

Two major projects in 2018

New RO plant plus Edam multimould cheese vats

In cooperation with Jongsma Solutions, two major projects of Royal A-ware foodgroup were awarded to both ALPMA and Servi Doryl in 2018. By applying advanced membrane technology, a Reverse Osmosis (RO) plant was used to concentrate whey flow and went into production in 2018. In addition, Servi Doryl (subsidiary of ALPMA) was able to complete a very successful project at Royal A-ware by supplying Edam multimould cheese barrels. In the production of cheese drums by Servi Doryl, completely new techniques are applied, creating more customer-specific solutions.

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