Light up your business: new brochures and website Unique Lights

Our partner Unique Lights, professionals in industrial LED lighting, has launched several beautiful new brochures! The brochures focus on the various markets in which Unique Lights operates. One of these markets is the dairy industry, which has very strict standards for hygiene and food safety.

Unique Lights has also launched a new website that provides a complete picture of the capabilities of industrial LED lighting. Click here for Unique Lights’ website.

Unique Lights’ LED lighting meets the very highest requirements in terms of HACCP guidelines.

With extensive experience in the Dairy Industry, Unique Lights knows these requirements and incorporates them into lighting plans and calculations. The Unique LED lights are impact-resistant, splash-proof, shatterproof, contain no glass parts and are made of easy-to-clean, smooth material. This allows you to switch to LED lighting according to the most stringent requirements and thus take an important step in your sustainability process.

Click here for the Unique Lights brochures