JES newsletter June 2021

Best relation,

We are on our way to the end of the Corona crisis! As with everyone else, the Corona epidemic also had a major impact on Jongsma Engineering Solutions. However, we have been consistently positive within our network in laying the groundwork for catching up in the post-pandemic period. This period is now upon us!

So in this newsletter, we proudly highlight new developments and progress in appealing projects. So first up is Özgazi Dairy’s new ALPMA RO plant. Also featured are Unique Lights’ new website and brochures, including a special edition for the dairy industry. Next, a look at Servi Doryl’s completely new website and, finally, the 7th edition of DDDD (Think-Share-Dare-Do): on Sept. 8!

Best regards, Wietze and Stephan Jongsma

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