Successful 6th edition Thinking – Daring – Sharing – Doing

On behalf of all the sponsors, we look back on an impressive 6th edition of Think, Share, Dare, Do! An unforgettable day that was all about connecting. The unique atmosphere and hospitable reception at the Twirre team in Langweer was thoroughly enjoyed. It was a while to wait for the nice weather, but after rain comes sunshine. With as many as 9 sloops we were able to admire a beautiful part of Friesland, and with eel smoking and accordionist in the background, all attendees had a special experience. To conclude, our top speaker Arko van Brakel speaking within the theme of Thinking, Daring, Sharing, Doing, followed by a delicious BBQ. After wonderful responses from many perspectives, an edition to be very proud of! To all who attended, thank you again!

the extensive photo reportage, made possible by Wim Oosterloo, can be seen again to take a moment to enjoy now that autumn has set in. We hope to meet you again soon to share experiences and continue building valuable relationships together.