Reversed Osmosis Rouveen Cheese Specialties

In cooperation with Jongsma Engineering Solutions, Rouveen Kaasspecialiteiten has purchased a Reversed Osmosis (RO) from the company ALPMA. Managing Director Klaas Hokse is pleased with the new acquisition, “A wonderful piece of equipment, with which we are ready for the future.”

The investment in an RO by ALPMA replaces the existing plant where the whey is concentrated into whey with a dry matter content of 12%. The new RO has greater capacity and also concentrates whey to 28% dry matter.

In January 2019, the RO was brought in and construction started by ALPMA. A collaboration between Rouveen Kaasspecialiteiten’ own technical department and the firms Lascon, Van Lenthe, ALPMA went to work on the installation in January and February. Early March was started with water and soon the move to pasture was made. The first regular production took place at the end of March.