With AIR QUALITY PROCESS along the dairy industry in Benelux

Jongsma Engineering Solutions has partnered with French company Air Quality Process (AQP) as of June 1, 2018. AQP specializes in hygienic air conditioning for cheese making facilities. AQP’s entire range (CIP cleanable and USDA approved) is applicable to all types of cheeses, from producing to packaging. Worldwide, AQP is represented in more than 300 plants, but so far minimally known in the Benelux.

In recent months, Wietze and Stephan Jongsma have introduced the AQP solutions to several existing relations (including Ă–zgazi, Vergeer and Royal Bel cheese) in the dairy industry in the Benelux. This resulted in the first air conditioning project at St Paul (specialized supplier of processed cheese products). In late 2018, the unique, custom-developed air conditioner will be put into operation at the new production site.

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